About Us

Michigan Hearing is a family owned and operated company, founded in 1998, with 25 locations throughout the state of Michigan.


We have licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists and Audiologists on staff to provide compassionate customer service and the most advanced, top of the line technology. We pride ourselves on having a staff of continually trained and educated hearing professionals.

Michigan Hearing is committed to continually finding ways to improve business and aspire to be your first choice for your hearing needs.

How Michigan Hearing was Built…


In the beginning, one of the founders of Michigan Hearing walked into a local Binson’s Home Health Care Centers, looking to be fit for a prosthetic brace. While there, he noticed many customers wearing hearing aids. While being fitted, he began a discussion with the owner of Binson’s. At one point during the discussion the idea to build a hearing department within each Binson’s location came about.

Original Prosthetic Brace of Owner

Original Prosthetic Brace of Owner

It was through this that Binson’s Hearing Aid Services was established. From that point on, hearing departments were developed within Binson’s affiliates, including but not limited to: CareLinc Home Medical, LifeSpan, H-Care Home Medical, and many others.

Throughout our years in business, our company has grown from one store location and two owners to [sm_numlocations] stores with a full corporate team.

The rest is for you to HEAR!