Summer Tips For Your Hearing Aids

CRO_Health_Dry_Hearing_06-14Summer Tips For Your Hearing Aids!

You may love the heat, but your hearing aids won’t. The heat can damage your hearing aids if you’re not following the right maintenance procedures.

According to, here’s a list of Do’s and Don’t’s for your hearing aids this summer:


Don’t: Leave your hearing aids in direct sunlight or in 
extreme heat,  like inside your car.

Do: Store your hearing aid and hearing aid
batteries in a cool, dry place.

Don’t: Allow bacteria or fungi to grow on your
hearing aid.

Do: Keep disinfectant towelettes handy, at home or
in your wallet or purse, to clean your hearing aids regularly.

Don’t: Wear water-resistant hearing aids in the water.

Do: Make sure to note the difference between waterproof
and water-resistant.

Don’t: Ruin your vacation by forgetting one of your
hearing aid accessories.

Do: Pack back-up supplies, like batteries and tubes.

Don’t: Take your hearing aid out or turn it off while going
through airport security or while in flight.

Do: Keep them on for important safety and security
instructions from airport officials.

Enjoy Your Summer and your Hearing Aids!



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