Music & Personal Audio

Personal Listening

We can help you enjoy your personal electronic devices more with several choices to fit your listening needs.


Custom Fit


We offer in-ear monitors for professional and emerging musicians, audiophiles and active users that demand the best sound from their music.

These monitors give remarkable sound quality, response and reliability with the fit and comfort of a custom-molded earpiece.

We also have available a low profile fit. Making it easier for active users with helmets such as motorsports and snowboarding to enjoy the same listening quality.

Universal Fit

The Universal Monitor is built to deliver a custom sound for performing artists that is unique. The expertly balanced micro-driver technology gives you the ability to hear your mix across all frequencies clearer and with more defined detail allowing you to hear your stage sound like you’ve never heard it before.

They have also become the choice for many athletes for the use in a training environment. They give you the opportunity to easily transition from old school wedges to an in-ear musicians’ monitor.