Service Plan & Warranty


Audiological Evaluation Services

Audiological Evaluations

Complete hearing testing is available for adults 18 years and older. Evaluations include measures of hearing sensitivity for Air and Bone conducted sounds and measures of Speech Discrimination ability in quiet and real-world background noise. Our full evaluation will determine your expected rehabilitation with the use of hearing aids. We have seen amazing results! A demonstration for your specific loss can be done in our office.

Counseling & Rehabilitation

Often, families and spouses need to be included to obtain the optimum results for the person using the hearing aid.

Hearing Enhancement and Improvement Services

Hearing Aids


Since 85% of people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids, we use all proven technologies to help you regain your ease of communication.  There are many brands of hearing aids and lots of choices of channels, microphones, size, etc.  Michigan Hearing, LLC will help you navigate all of these choices to find the best solution for your individual needs.

Hearing Aid Prescription & Fitting

From your audiogram (hearing test) Michigan Hearing, LLC can prescribe, recommend, and dispense a variety of hearing aids from many manufacturers. We select leaders in hearing aid innovation.

We can also service and repair most makes and models of hearing instruments.

30 Day Evaluation Period

On all new hearing aids, we provide a 30-day trial period. During these initial weeks we make all necessary adjustments and perform verification tests to properly set your hearing level.

Warranty and peace of mind

All of our new products come with a 1-3 year comprehensive warranty. Additional lengths can be purchased at time of fitting. This provides coverage for damage or repair on your hearing aids. Emergency/same day appointments are typically available.


FREE services during your warranty, including:

  • Quarterly cleanings
  • Adjustment and computer reprogramming
  • In office repairs and maintenance
  • In office modifications

Technology customized to meet your needs

We take time to understand you and your hearing experience so that our recommendations are appropriate for your lifestyle.

Hearing Protection

Our ears are frequently subjected to loud noise from our noisy lives; hobbies like hunting, shooting, and racing; enjoyments like music, performance, and woodworking; homeowner chores like chain sawing, home repair, and even vacuuming. These sounds often exceed safe levels and can even create permanent hearing loss with single exposures. Hearing protection guards against damage.


A wide variety of hearing protection is available for specific purposes. Active custom electronic hearing protectors are used for hunting, racing, and musicians. Passive custom earplugs with filters are appropriate for more common exposures where speech still needs to be understood despite the noise; target shooting, industrial protection, even some music applications. Custom Swim Plugs for comfort and seal. Passive custom earplugs without filters are the most basic protectors that provide the greatest protection against all offending sounds. Typically ear impressions are required for most personal hearing protective devices.

Hearing Enhancement Devices

Affordable devices are available to help you hear more clearly on the telephone, the television, and other places where you have particular trouble hearing.