“I have industrial hearing loss in both ears. Prior to CareLinc I had a single hearing aid, first analog, the digital, neither of which helped me, nor felt comfortable. After the newness wore off I didn’t wear them. I could only hear on one telephone in the house, and had to constantly ask my wife to repeat what she had said. There were times when she said something other than what I thought she said, and that caused friction between us. For the last five years I only heard part of what was being said on television and even purchased a set of wireless headphones to wear.”

“CareLinc changed all of that. My hearing aids are hardly visible and they are so comfortable that I do not feel them in my ears. The care that I received from the ladies at CareLinc was wonderful. They are knowledgeable about what they are doing and always greet me with a smile. I have never been turned away when I needed adjustments. I am amazed at what they can do with program changes to my hearing aids. They can adjust the frequencies that I need and leave the ones alone that are set properly. I love my new hearing aids from CareLinc and the patient care is great.”

Charlie M. Jackson, Michigan