What to Expect

The first step to better hearing is making a phone call to schedule an appointment.


Call Us Toll-Free

We have made this process as easy as possible by calling our toll free number (888) 432-7036 and speaking to one of our customer service representatives. While making the appointment, a few basic questions will be asked to help us find the closest location and a convenient time for you and a significant other family member to attend your evaluation.


Appointment Reminder

The day before your evaluation, you will be reminded of your appointment. If severe weather is scheduled or a change to your schedule has occurred, we will reschedule your appointment for you.


Upon Arrival

Once arriving to one of our locations, you will be greeted and provided some initial paperwork to fill out. At this time, we will ask for your insurance card(s) to check for any benefits that you may have towards hearing instruments. We do not bill your insurance provider for the evaluation unless you purchase hearing aids. Then, the Audiologist or Specialist will conduct your hearing evaluation. An initial screening may only take 10 minutes. If further evaluation is needed, we allow for an additional hour to address your questions and concerns.