Reviewing Results


After your full hearing evaluation has been completed, your hearing professional will review your results with you and anyone who has joined you.

The results are shown on an audiogram. An audiogram is a visual representation of your hearing loss.

On the audiogram you will see a range of frequencies between 250HZ to 8000HZ.

This area is where most of all speech and noises fall within. Different noises and different people, create sounds that vary in frequency ranges. This is why people with untreated hearing loss may hear one person easier than another.


Hearing loss can be categorized by which part of the auditory system is damaged

There are three basic types of hearing loss:

  • conductive hearing loss
  • sensorineural hearing loss
  • mixed hearing loss

Your audiogram shows you where you’re hearing normally, and where you’re missing sounds. Once you and the hearing professional discuss your audiogram results, and review your lifestyle and hearing goals, he or she can provide you with an in-office hearing aid demonstration of the hearing aids right for you, should hearing aids be prescribed.